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  • Spring Cleanup

    Sticks, branches and leaves that are left over from Fall or that fell over the winter can be seen once the snow has melted. Spring cleanup includes clearing gardens and lawn of all sticks, branches and leaves. This leaves a clean yard that is prepared for much.

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  • Fall Cleanup

    Fall Cleanup consist of removing all fallen leaves, stick and branches from the gardens and lawn. This is usually completed in two phases. Depending on where you live the township will collect the leaves left on the curb twice. So we will come twice and remove all stick and branches. We will also move all leaves to the curb to be picked up by the township. If the township doesn’t offer a pickup services for your location we can haul the debris away.

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  • Lawn Aeration

    Lawn Aeration is commonly done in Spring and Fall. Aeration allows the ground to be more receptive to air and that makes that ground less compacts. We recommend doing this in Fall before Winter arrives and the ground freezes.

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  • Seeding

    Seeding can be done for large areas and for spots. All seed needs water to fully grow in. We provide watering guidelines to follow to help the grass grow. If watering is ignored or not done correctly then the seed will most likely not fully grow in. Topsoil may be added to freshen the soil to help improve the growth of the grass.

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  • Sod

    Sod is a great option if your looking for an instant lawn with less water maintenance than seeding. Topsoil may be added before the sod to give the roots fresh soil to grow into.  

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  • Lawn Thatching

    Thatching is done to the lawn to clear out compacted debris. Sometimes seed is spread into the thatched areas to grow grass and improve the lawn.

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  • Weed & Feed Program(s)

    We customize Weed & Feed Programs for your lawns needs. This improved the growth of your lawn and to help eliminate weeds. We use all organic products to improve your lawn and keep children and pets safe.

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  • Lawn Cuts

    We offer weekly lawn cuts. This includes cutting the lawn if it exceeds 3 inches in height. Along with edging and blowing off all walkways and driveway.

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