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  • Mulch

    Mulch can change the look and feel of a property. This could be for a property you own or one that your selling. Mulch can enhance a property and make it more appealing to home owners looking to buy. Types of Mulch: Black Brown Triple Ground

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  • Decorative Stone

    Decorative stone is a great way to change up a garden look.

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  • Tilling

    Tilling is great for preparing the ground for a new garden bed, current garden, grass seed or sod. This mixes up the ground for better compost and making it easier to remove weeds and debris.

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  • Topsoil

    Topsoil can be used as a new layer of soil for gardens. It can also be used to cover trees and shrubs roots. That helps protect them from weather and elements that could cause them to die. If you have holes or ditches in your yard they can be filled with topsoil. Grass or sod can be planted over the topsoil if you desire.

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  • Pruning & Trimming

    Pruning and trimming of tress and shrubs makes them look better and helps improve their life.

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  • Weeding

    We offer occasional, weekly and monthly weeding. We also offer Weed and Feed Programs for your lawn to prevent weeds and provide nutrition. We use all organic products to keep your lawn healthy and safe for children and pets.

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  • Custom Garden Care

    There are different types of gardens. Some have mulch, decorative store and etc. We provide custom care for your gardens needs.

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  • Garden Install

    Giving an existing garden a makeover or creating a new garden. We prep the ground, pickup the plants, install the plants and mulch.

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  • Garden Design

    We create custom garden designs to fit your style and needs.

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  • Tree & Shrub Transplanting

    Transplanting depends on the size and location of the tree/shrub. They can be moved to or from a garden or pot. If your moving a tree/shrub to a pot you need to make sure that the pot is an appropriate size for the roots and have room to grow.

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  • Tree & Shrub Removal

    Sometime trees/shrubs can grow too large for the area or your looking for a new style. We can remove the trees/shrubs to provide space for a new landscape layout.

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  • Tree & Shrub Planting (perennial & annual)

    We plant trees/shrubs that will grow in the intended area and that appeal to your style.

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